Semantix provide 100 jobs for qualification, free of charge, data engineering
13 April 2021


Targeted at developers, data analysts, scientists, and engineers who are interested in enrolling in the market, in the field of Engineering for Big Data.

Sao Paulo, April 2021 – The Training is a Big Data Engineer is hosted by Semantix, an expert on national solutions, Big Data, AI, and IoT, takes place between April 19 and June 02, by the middle of the video, with the theory and hands-on practice on all the technologies, Apache, Hadoop, Docker, Apache Hive, Apache Sqoop, Apache HBase, Apache Spark, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, and Apache Kafka. 100 free places for those who want to enter the field of Big Data and all those who complete the training will receive a the distinctive online.

At the end of this course, interested candidates can go through a selection process to be part of the team at Semantix. The race is on to a hackathon, and those selected will work with you during the course of four months to go for the second phase, in which they gain a greater emphasis will be placed into a group for the study from two weeks to get the Certification, “the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer”. If professionals are to achieve a good performance, Semantix have to pay for the certification.

“This project has the objective of providing professional training to the market as a whole, given that in Brazil, there is a shortage of professionals who are specialized in data engineering, Big Data and IT infrastructure. With this, we aim to contribute to the development of new jobs and opportunities for the industry,” he explains, Leonardo Santos, chief executive officer of the Semantix.

In just four years, to approximately 264 billion positions are to be created in the IT market, but today, the demand for a 70-thousand-posts per year, but the 25-thousand seats are not filled due to lack of qualified staff, according to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Companies in the Information and Communication Technology (Brasscom-April 2021).

The training will be available from 19 of the day, 19/04, and the second will take place the meetings of the living, so that the students can get your questions answered. In addition, the program provides for interaction between the students and the instructor via e-mail, and forums for any questions. Classes are available from Monday to Friday at 19, and each class has a running time of approximately 2 hours. The training has a duration of 10 weeks), with a load of full-time and 110 hours and is composed of six modules.

The minimum requirements for the training will include basic knowledge of SQL, and Git, and, in at least one of the programming languages to be using Python, Scala, or Java. In addition to this, it is necessary to train the computer to the student to have a 64-bit operating system, memory, RAM to 8 GB, access to the internet and a HD video with a minimum of 25 GB of free disk space.

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